Dress Code

Standard of Dress for Matches:

  • Players must conform to the dress code specified (either greys or whites) for the match they are participating in.
  • Club shirts MUST be worn for Inter Club League and National matches.


General Dress Code

Polite Reminders:

  • In reference to ‘greys’ below the waist, members are reminded that charcoal grey or black trousers/skirts DO NOT conform to the clubs’ dress code.
  • Only tailored bowling trousers/skirts are permitted.
  • Bowls manufactured shorts only may be worn (i.e. Bowls England, Henselite, Thomas Taylor etc.)
  • White shirts/blouses or club shirts must be worn but manufacturers’ genuine bowling shirts with coloured side panels will be allowed.
  • Genuine bowling shoes with a flat sole must be worn on the green.
  • Standards of dress must be observed at all times. The only exception being when rules are relaxed for casual bowling after 8pm (appropriate bowls shoes must still be worn).