Rink Fees

Coaching SessionsFree
Junior Training£1.00 Each
Casual Bowling£1.55 for 1 Hour & £3.10 for 2 Hours (per player)
Chummies & Leagues (2 Hours Sessions)£3.10 (per player)
Friendly Matches£10.00 for matches with a Meal
£5.00 for matches with Tea & Biscuits
Inter Club Matches£5.00 for Men
£6.00 for Ladies (extra £1 is towards travel fund)
Tea & Biscuits Included
Club Competions£2.00 Entry Fee
£4.50 Per Player - Rink Fee each match
National Competitions Entry Fee Varies
£4.50 Per Player - Rink Fee each match
National Team Competitions (Denny Cup, Yetton Trophy, Egham Trophy, Top Club, Mason Trophy etc.)£5.00 Men
£5.00 Ladies
Open Singles Circuit £22.50 Entry Fee