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We are taking a cautious approach in re-opening the bowling club and doing so incrementally. From Monday 3rd August we will open the social side of the club Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm.

We are actively looking to open the club for bowling but this is much more difficult than the social side. We will keep people updated via social media and the website as things develop. Below are the initial guidelines for re-opening. 

Coronavirus basic safety guidelines for Barwell Indoor Bowling Club

Everyone entering the building MUST report to reception. All visitors will be asked to provide a name and contact number for contact tracing purpose (should the need arise)

Everyone is asked to:

  • sanitise their hands on entry to the club 
  • advised to follow the one way system 
  • follow social distancing guidelines 
  • not to move furniture 

Only one person will be allowed at the bar at any time 

Only one person will be allowed at the coffee area at any time 

The restaurant is limited to a maximum of 48 people The bar is limited to a maximum of 30 people Once the limits are reached no further entry will be permitted 

If possible contactless payments should be used 

Guidelines for the re-introduction of bowling at Barwell Indoor Bowling Club 

All bowlers must 

  • Sanitiser their hands on entry to the club and conform to the one way system 
  • Follow both the clubs current coronavirus guidelines, and government guidelines 
  • Masks do not need to be worn in the club nor for bowling (if people wish to do so it is their choice) 
  • Follow as much as possible social distancing whilst bowling 
  • You are asked not to arrive at the club more than 15 minutes before your allotted rink time. 

2. Bowling will take place mornings only Monday to Friday. 

  • Each session will be for one and a half hour (the bell will sound after 85 minutes) 
  • We will use rinks 1 to 5 only with the following session times (initially 1,3,5 for pairs and 2&4 for single play) 
  • 10:00 to 11:30 and bell 11:25 (you must vacate the bowling area by 11:45) 
  • 12:00 to 1:30 and bell 1:25 (you cannot enter the bowling area before 11:45) 
  • Only pre-bookings (up to 48 hours in advance by telephone) will be allowed, anyone just turning up will not be allowed to play even if there are ‘spare rinks’ 
  • Due to there being no changing facilities casual dress will be allowed, but bowls shoes must be worn 
  • The ramp must be used for getting onto the rink and the steps must be used for getting off the rink at both sessions 

3. Before the game 

  • Rinks will be up to pairs and preferably from no more than two households. 
  • You will be allowed to freely use the lockers around the rinks whilst practising social distancing 
  • You will be allowed into the changing rooms to collect and return woods and shoes on a one in one out basis. Shoes will be changed on the end of the rink. 
  • Coats, handbags, shoes etc. must be kept with you at all times 

4. Playing the game 

  • Once the bell sounds you can finish the end being played and then you must vacate the green ensuring you follow the times above. 
  • Mats are placed on the ‘T’ and should not be touched/moved 
  • One person shall collect two jacks from the office and place them at either end 
  • The jacks should be set and moved by foot only. 
  • The same person will be responsible for returning the jacks to the office for them to be sanitised for the next bowlers. 
  • Scoreboards will not be used 
  • You should not touch anyone else’s woods 

5. Currently bowling will be free of charge 

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